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Harvested from the Island of Madagascar, these African Rose Quartz gemstones enhance our products with nature’s purest frequency of love. The mineral composition of Rose Quartz, silicon dioxide (Si02), is also proven to naturally boost collagen protein, and cell regeneration for healthy growing hair and soft glowing skin. All products are designed with Rose Quartz gemstones for enhanced beauty and bliss.


“The expression of our emotions and our physical appearance are inseparable. We are our emotions, energy in motion. My mission is to provide modern moms with therapeutic products and tools designed to nurture emotional harmony, as well as exceptionally maintain physical beauty with the finest herbal and energetic ingredients.” -Marlena Ariyahu, Harmony Beauty Co. CEO

The skin is the largest organ on the body, the canvas of all our emotions, and the foundation through which our hair grows. We find importance in not only maintaining healthy hair and skin, but to also treat and soothe stress which is the main cause of skin and hair issues with our therapeutic beauty products and self care regimens. 

Studies show that many women ages 25-35 often deal with excessive stress from managing work/life balance, rigorous studies, and childbirth which all cause the body to release excess toxins and the stress hormone, cortisol, out through the skin. Cortisol causes premature signs of aging such as collagen breakdown, acne and eczema, decreased hair growth, alopecia, and greying.

Alongside harsh and addictive anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, Harmony Beauty Co. has created an additional and alternative naturopathic way to brighten the mood and appearance through our therapeutic hair, body, and beauty products and tools. 

Harmony Beauty Co. is a brand of holistic, therapeutic hair and skin care products designed to nurture the mind, beauty, and spirit. Understanding the Mind, Beauty connection, we are devoted to maintaining the physical beauty and treating the emotional wellness of modern moms. We’ve chosen the finest herbal and therapeutic age-defying ingredients for growing hair, glowing skin, and harmony within for women's stress related skin issues and hair loss.

Harmony Beauty Co.’s debut product edition, Shea & Mango Bliss, is infused with Rose Quartz Gemstone (associated with the heart chakra energy center) for its nurturing love, beauty, harmony, and creativity properties. The Rose Quartz gemstone’s mineral compound is silicon dioxide SiO2 (not to be confused with silicone), scientifically proven to improve several health benefits such as increasing collagen which increases elasticity, tone, and clear skin, as well as reverse alopecia and enhance the growth, strength, and shine of the hair.

A portion of proceeds are donated to children in foster care, and an uplifting mantra is printed on each product label for our supporters to affirm their harmony and face each day beautifully.

Harmony Beauty Products are designed with the highest vibrations of love and wellness for a refreshing daily spa experience to nurture vibrant spirits and radiant beauty for all skin and hair types, and walks of life. 

Visit our shop to learn more about our current products and tips to naturally enhance your beauty and bliss. 

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