Rose Quartz Harmoni Egg

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Rose Quartz Harmoni Egg
Rose Quartz Harmoni Egg
Medium Size 25mm x 40mm
Stringed, Perfect Beginners and Advanced Users

Yoni egg, Jade egg, or love eggs are names for a beautiful semiprecious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the vagina. It is estimated that women have been practicing with stone gemstone eggs for over 5,000 years.


Yoni eggs cause emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual transformation and healing. As an alternative to common kegel exercises, you may strengthen your vaginal muscles and benefits include: decreased incontinence, retoning post-childbirth, increased orgasms. 

Using a yoni egg regularly will help increase natural lubrication, decrease sensativity in thinning vaginal walls, increase the tone and strength of the pelvic floor muscles, and it can help address common issues such as vaginal incontinence (dryness) and uterine prolapse.


How often should I wear my yoni egg?

Recommended to start with about 2 hours 3 times a week. It is generally fine to wear it for up to 12 hours, but as always, trust your intuition. It is a good idea to take it out after 12 hours to clean it and let your yoni rest.

Can I sleep with my yoni egg inserted?

The first practice with your egg is to simply wear it inside your yoni for a period of time. We suggest that you start with wearing it at night while you sleep ~ one night on, one night off ~ for the first week. Your yoni will play with the egg while you rest and the crystal can do its healing work.

How do I get the yoni egg out?

Removing youyoni/jade egg is simple; get into a deep squat position and push out with your vaginal muscles. Give the string a gentle tug (think removing a tampon and allow her to glide out slowly and easily).

How do you do levels with yoni eggs?

To get started with yoni egg exercises, aim for about five minutes a day of kegels. The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles you'd use to stop the flow of urine midstream. Insert the egg and then contract the pelvic floor muscles and hold for a count of five. Then relax for a count of five and repeat.

How do you meditate with yoni eggs?

Use the yoni crystal to meditate, hold her in your hands, inside your vagina, on top of your womb or where ever you feel she is needed. Begin to relax, clear your mind and connect with your spiritual self. Let the energies flow through your yoni egg and yourself.

How do I clean my yoni egg?

Before using your yoni egg for the first time please inspect it and make sure the gem was not damaged during shipping. The inner cracks are normal for rose quartz. However, if you find any outer cracks (the ones you can feel with your finger), it means the egg was damaged during shipping – please do not use it and immediately return it.

After you inspected the egg, wash it twice in warm water with soap and air-dry. It is better to use natural organic non scented body soap for sensitive skin. You can wipe your egg with cotton gauze doused in vodka or other hard alcohol you have at hand (do not use rubbing alcohol). Wash it thoroughly under running water after you do this. 


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Sexual Trauma Therapy

Vaginal Muscle Strength

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