BeauTea & Bliss Yoni Steam

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BeauTea & Bliss Yoni Steam

BeauTea & Bliss Yoni Steam 10oz

Charged and Infused with Rose Quartz Gemstone

Description: “Yoni” is an ancient word for the vagina, known as the most sacred gateway of beauty, love, and life. Yoni steaming is an ancient healing practice of detoxing, tightening, purifying, and increasing the pleasure of the vagina. This beautiful blend of botanical herbs is formulated for women’s womb wellness, helps with yoni toning and dryness, and increases sensual pleasure and libido. 

Directions: This herbal blend can be used as a yoni steam for enhanced womb wellness, and enjoyed as a tea blend for an anti-aging aphrodisiac. 

BeauTea: For heightened sensual pleasure steep 1 table spoon of herbal blend in 8oz of pure hot water and drink up to two hours before intimacy. 

Bliss Yoni Steam: Create your sauna space and set up your yoni steaming chair. Using stovetop or portable electric burner fill a pot of 1-2 quarts of pure water. Infuse with 2-3 tbsp of Yoni Steam blend and allow to boil for 10 minutes.

Carefully transfer the blend to steaming bowl and allow to steep and cool until warm enough to sit over in your steam sauna set up, or resting on your hands and knees if without sauna setup.

Options to enhance Yoni Steam:

Set an intenion, Meditation/Prayer, Visualization, Affirmations, Smudging, Incense, Music, Breathing excercises, Kegels, Journaling, Facial, Facial Steam, Facial Massage with Rose Quartz roller, Any other hearts desire

Best time:

Steaming for 10-45 minutes in the evening before bed is recommended for a very serene sleep. 


•Nourish reproductive organs 

•Enhanced libido

•Regulate PMS

•Rebalance cycle

•Improve circulation

•Boosts fertility

•Tigthen skin and vaginal walls

•Tonify kidneys

•Deodorize and improve scent 

•Drains toxins and cysts 

•Dissolve clots

•Eliminate bacteria, yeast, and viruses

•Restore healthy vaginal flora

•Ease menstrual cramps 

•Reduce inflammation

•Reduce excess mucus discharge

Clean up: 

Pour out the herbal water in the toilet or on the earth.

Discard of herbs in the toilet, waste basket, compost or directly back to the earth.

Wash the bowl out with water and dish soap or hydrogen peroxide.

Caution: Do not use while pregnant, during birth control, spotting, or menstrual cycles.Allow steam to cool down to a comfortable temperature before sitting over steam. Do not use a plastic or wooden bowl for steaming. Refrain from steaming during extremely hot weather. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.  

A portion of proceeds are donated to children in foster care.​ ​🎀